The Social Media Difference

Social Media is about client engagement and getting your home listing directly in front of the specific audience that would be interested in your property. The Buggie Stewart team has a social media expert working to engage the audience. You Tube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook will use video, images, graphic design and advertising that is programmed to target the right buyer. Your Listing can be posted and viewed by thousands of people specific to their income and lifestyle.

It is not enough just to post on social sites; the content needs to be engaging to keep connected to your audience. Facebook will be used to post listings and create advertising that will direct buyers and sellers to the Joe Buggie website. Instagram and Pinterest is used to post engaging real estate photos which create loyal followers and social sharing, which strengthens branding.

Most realtors relay on their agencies to strengthen social brand but by individualizing content, Buggie-Stewart Realtor Partners are creating unique stylized branding and continue to maintain a strong identity. The real estate market is competitive, there can be similar or equal listings but the strong branding supported by social media advertising will make Buggie- Stewart listings the preference of buyers because of the captured market recognition. This means sold signs in less time, than similar listing.